We've taken the Bull by the horns, opening  the doors of our very first store on September 2011 at 179 Parliament Street  in  Downtown Toronto, Ontario,  No Bull  Burgers is  bringing  the art of burger making  back to the  basics.

Our Patliament St Location in Toronto.Uniquely paired with local Ontario farms bringing you the freshest, certified organic extra lean beef.  All of our burgers are lightly spiced and ground fresh daily with no additives, preservatives or fillers.   We only cook our burgers "to order" on a traditional flat top griddle to maintain taste, consistency and flavour.  Here at No Bull Burgers, we don't tell you how to order, with dozens of FREE premium toppings and sauces every burger is made exactly theway you want it….........No Bull.   There are hundreds of burger combinations from pickles to pineapple, from tomatoes to tzatziki.  It doesn't stop there..
We're serious about our sides, we only serve fresh cut fries made with 100% yukon gold potatoes. Upgrade to our montreal style poutine wiTh real cheese curds, or try our exclusive homemade No Bull chips spiced up the way you like 'em.



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