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Great food makes Great food
No Bull!

What do you mean

No, our restaurant is not a gourmet burger joint. We are a fresh take on a classic burger shop. Do you think there were frozen patties 50 years ago where the owners didn't know where the meat came from? Or maybe frozen fries or chemical-filled soft serve ice cream?

This is why we call ourselves No Bull. 

We serve 100% certified organic triple-A beef that is supplied by local farmers for over a decade. We smoke all of our naturally raised briskets and pulled pork in-house and we only use fresh-cut fries from local Ontario potato farmers. We serve locally sourced ice cream made from real milk. We even only use real sea salt for our fries, not of that refined stuff.



I was very pleased with the 1/4 pounder with cheese and a generous portion of fries. This burger felt and tasted natural like my friend Joe just made it. Big leaf of lettuce, gooey mayo, large tomato, good bun and a natural tasting, organic beef patty.
Open Everyday 11am to 10pm

Pick Up

Order & pick up at a location most convenient for you. Pick up option are available.


We can deliver to your home. You can select a rapid delivery or schedule it for a most convenient time.

Don't Press

No Bull Burgers  Presents
The Butcher Guys

Your Local Butcher

As wholesalers, we deal with the toughest customers... Chefs! Due to their knowledge of what they want and the quality they demand, they know exactly what they want. Many of our products are very specialized like our brisket and St' Louis cut Pork ribs that are brought in specifically for those clients. Just like our chefs, we guarantee that you will receive the highest quality product available so that you can enjoy it at home.

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