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It started over a decade ago, our founder Tony Nikas was tired of the same crappy take-out the city offered. Working in corporate offices in downtown Toronto it was hard to get a meal that you can enjoy and not feel guilty about eating it. Forward a few years later No Bull Burgers was born. 

Ever heard of KISS (no not the band) Keep It Simple Stupid!

Highest Quality Ingredients!

Prepared how it should be!

By people that share the same values!

No, our restaurant is not a gourmet burger joint. We are a fresh take on a classic burger shop. Do you think there were frozen patties 50 years ago where the owners didn't know where their meat came from? Or maybe frozen fries or chemical-filled soft serve ice cream?

This is why we call ourselves No Bull. 

We serve 100% certified organic triple-A beef that is supplied by local farmers for over a decade. We smoke all of our naturally raised briskets and pulled pork in-house and we only use fresh-cut fries from local Ontario potato farmers. We serve locally sourced ice cream made from real milk. We even only use real sea salt for our fries, not of that refined stuff.

We are for
Each other 
& Our 

The goal wasn't to be the fanciest place on the street, it was to be a place where you can bring your son after a ball game or your daughter after swimming and be proud of what you fed them while creating those memories you will never forget. 

That's why we are for our community as much as we are for our customers

Since its inception, No Bull has been fortunate to be actively involved in many community charities and events such as:

- Dogs for Autism - Centre 55 charitable collection - Hampers Kingston Road Santa Claus Parade Courcelette Public School  - Neil McNeil High School  - Malcolm X public school year-end bbq - Our restaurant's west wall is dedicated to various local artists who display artwork on a quarterly basis.- Neighborhood Link/Meals on Wheels - Stretch, Heal, Grow (breast cancer retreat) and many, many more...

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Feedback is the breakfast of Champions!
(So are burgers)

If you have any suggestions or recommendations let us know!

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