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The 30-hour Burger

A burger is a classic American but why would anyone make one that takes 30 hours? This is because it is awesome! If you haven't tried our signature burger "The Smoke Show" let me explain why you need to. In this post, we will walk you through the steps for making a burger masterpiece in 5 steps and the time it takes.

  1. "Mis on ˈplas" is the french term that means "gather". This means, getting everything that you need for your meal. This is the way every successful meal starts. For The Smoke Show," you need 3 types of meat beef brisket, pork but and organic beef chuck. Then some spices, cheddar cheese and your bun. Let's not forget some amazing 40 Creek Whisky BBQ sauce.

  2. The Burger: We only use Certified Organic Angus Beef, but if you use your favourite beef that's okay too. Cut into cubes, grind your beef twice, then spice with your favourite blend or, salt and pepper to your liking. We use our secret blend. This takes us about 2 hours (we do a lot of burgers)

  3. The Pork: Smoked pulled pork butt is our favourite. First, about an hour to several hours spice your pork. Use your favourite dry rub and cover the whole butt. Set your smoker temp or try to keep it around 250 Fahrenheit (120 Celsius). Let it smoke for about 12 hours until the bone falls right off. Pull the Pork until and set aside

  4. The Brisket: Brisket is for the advanced smoker but we'll give you the simple version. Trim the brisket, then spice it and set it aside for a few hours. Heavy on the pepper and light on the salt. Set your smoker to 220 Fahrenheit (105 Celsius). Cooking brisket to temp is the most important part. Cook the brisket to an internal temp of 198 Fahrenheit (93 Celsius), this is when the fat breaks down and renders. Let it sit for a few hours before slicing (this is a 15 to 20-hour process)

  5. Assemble the burger: This is the main event. Take your cooked burger patty with melted cheese and put it on your sesame seed bun. Then take your sliced brisket and put it on top of the patty. Then take your pulled pork and put it on top of the brisket. , make sure you drench it in 40 Creek Whisky BBQ Sauce!

In conclusion, you have to come and try this burger. Assembling this beauty takes time but is worth it for this satisfying burger. Might be a challenge to do at home but we got you covered!

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